Today's Daily Word - Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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20090512.jpgI am open to my good in thought, attitude, and expectation.
I value the wonderful qualities of children. As I watch a group of children absorbed in playful activity, I see that each child is intent on what he or she is doing, eager to learn and free from concern.

Having this open, receptive, jubilant attitude is a perfect way for me to live my own life. Willing to receive divine direction, I expand my eagerness to experience life's offerings. More opportunities open to me because my heart and spirit are open. I am receptive to God's love, healing, and abundance, and I am free from doubt and concern.

I take time to honor the child in me in thought, attitude, and expectation. I am a spiritual expression in human form, and all I need for healthy, joyous, prosperous living is mine. With eagerness and openness, I receive my good, in expected and unexpected forms.