Gwen Stefani's Husband in Gay Love Affair


marilyn_gavin.jpgIn Touch Weekly put out a 4 page story about Gwen Stefani's husband Gavin Rossdale and an alleged former lover "Marilyn" (Peter Anthony Robinson) . It is said that the couple maintained a 5 year relationship in the 80s when Marilyn was in the Highlight of his career as a European rockstar. Gavins rep denies any such affair. Boy George first broke the story in his 1995 book "Take It Like A Man", to which both parties had denied. Marilyn now claims to have denied the affair as to protect Gavin, who had asked him to do so. "He was just becoming successful in America. I agreed to lie agaisnt every grain of my being" Marylin says. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Marylin gives detailed information about the love affair stating "we were together for 5 years but it felt like 40. He was the love of my life." Marylin claims NOT to be gay and that he has dated more women than men.