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Tami bruck whey fi do har own ting

20080403t220000-0500_134182_obes_tami_chynn___prima_donna__taking_control_1.jpgYea man wi hear sey Tami Chynn cut ties wid Universal records, cause afta 4 years and di ongle ting dem duh fi har is release one album fi har inna Japan and di one single whey name Frozen…but come to tink of it, wi not even get nuh big big buzz pond a single deh…but a suh it guh when nuh much promotion nuh gu inna whey yuh do. She sey she a cut ties and she waan fi handle har affairs herself as di label neva did a do one jack squat whey she foncern…well wi wish har all di best and hope she can get di break through fi buss it big inna di business…cause fi tell di truth we did really a wonder if dat did eva guh happen.

Bwoy Buju Sir up a bunch a worm
Bwoy di comment whey Buju meck bout Bob Marley is not the greatest and dem tings have people fired up. Nuff people a cuss him off sey a bad mind and mi read two comment inna di Observer whey dem a respond to him statement and put him inna him place sey him nuh know whey him a talk bout. Some pon di streets agree but nuff a dem vex and sey him a try fi belittle di big singer.