Pole dance excitement at Hedonism 3

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Picture106-1.jpgIt was major excitement and a lot of fun for those who were at Hedonism 3 to witness the New Annual 2009 Pole Dance Convention. The event is still having tongues wagging as they soaked up the thrill of watching lithe bodies slithering across the pole in ‘World Pole Dance: A Celebration of all styles of Pole Dance Sport & Fitness’.

Presented by Pole Passion & Wild Life the contest was all about good technique, good body, penetration, balance, speed, choreography, poise, uniqueness, courage, grace, pole tricks, muscular strength and control, poses on and around the pole with a graceful combination and completion of performance.

Every move, every trick, drew shouts of approval from the riveted audience especially the men who were having the time of their lives, taking in the contestants from all over the world including countries such as Norway, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, UK, Hungary and Japan.

Felix from Australia decked out in white, was creative, practiced good techniques and was far superior in every way in her presentation, when she was adjudged the first place winner there was no surprise.

Alicia from the UK came out in a fabulous swimsuit, which the only way we can describe it is “off the chain. She had great muscular strength and good choreography,” she earned third spot for her presentation.

Other section awards were: USA dancer won her Best Pole Trick; Best; Best Entertainer went to the Brazilian contestant, UK took the award for Best Costume;

Most Outstanding Contribution went to Debbie Merchant & Debbie Riley who were the coordinators.