Which DJ a fret?


QuestionMark.jpgBwoy it look a way pon a certain DJ and wi nah tell nuh lie, we really sorry fi him. Wi sey from him get di result from the AIDS test whey him baby madda duh it come een like him a guh mad. More time him look space out and him all go dh di test tuh...but wi hope dat everyting come back negative.

Jah know star, dat's why dem fi heed di advice a dem own cause memba Frisco did sing one song called Rubbers...unno meck sure unno memba dem ting deh and avoid di fretnation.

Who a get married?
Di last time we did let the puss outa di bag di wedding did call off...so wi nah call nuh name dis time. But wi hear sey di wedding on again and it could be soon. From yardflex nuff congratulations...and nuh badda postpone it dis time...cause si...we nuh call nuh name...wi just want yuh fi know sey nutten nuh get pass wi.