DJ Flamez back on air?


Whey Nina Sparkles deh
ninasparkles.jpgHey unno check out Nina Sparkles myspace? Mi neva know sey she missing and tings. It sticky a way sah, cause wi get fi understand sey a har boyfriend drop har a airport and she neva board a flight and from dat she nuh surface…but a wha really a gwaan?
DJ Flamez back on air?
Unno memba DJ Flamez whey used to deh pon RJR prime time and dem just push har out suh fi meck space fi Miss Kitty? Yes, she same one, wi hear sey she a get ready fi teck it back to dem inna prime time. Win uh have anyting concrete, but wi have it from good good source sey sinting might inna di pipeline. Well wi did like di vibes whey a gwaan wid pon radio so wi hope a true…di airwaves need some vibesing up from di woman dem.