Empress Tasha T has a passion for singing

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tasha t.pngFrom as far back as she remember Tasha T has always had a passion for singing, She saw herself being like the reggae icons she so admires like the late Bob Marley and Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths. Although she didn’t have any idea how it would all come about, she knew one day she would live her dreams so she continued honing her craft by performing on community events. At age 14 she got her first chance to put her voice on record, however, that did not turn out the success she wanted it to…but unfazed she continued the task of making inroads into the music business.

Tasha T describes herself as roots and culture singer and teased that there are time she will also do a little dejaying depending on the mood. But when it comes on to negative and gangsta lyrics she is definitely not into that. As she says, “reggae music is positive, uplifting and music of love. I don’t contribute to no kind of negative lyrics I stay far from that.”

With that kind of stance it’s no wonder her work has been recognized by the Canadian Reggae Music Awards as in 1999 she won Best New Comer Female, and in 2000-1-2- and 8 she copped the award for Best Female DJ. In 2007 she won Best Female DJ at the Reggae Music Achievement Awards and picked up a Juno nomination in 2000 for Best Reggae Recording.

This female singer is definitely going places working with produces such as Rohan Dwyer, Sidney Mills, Syl Gordon, Mikey Bennett, Sly & Robbie and Smokey Robinson.

Tasha has recorded songs such as Win Or Lose a cover of Phyllis Dillon’s hit, No More War, I Forgive You, Rectify, Hold Me and Old Fashion Love remix with Mr Cooper.

The Canadian based artistes has performed on stages in Jamaica, Canada and in the States to great response from the audience and why not the singer definitely has her own style and knows how to use it to engage her fans, ensuring they enjoy themselves.

The artiste is now working with Steve Golding and she says it’s a very good working relationship

A mother of two Tasha is now enhancing her career by taking a business management course while she looks ahead to the future. As she told yardflex, “I’m getting there, I’ve been in the business for 19 years and working with George Golding as my manager. I see myself getting a higher rank. Working with George is the best thing that ever happened to my career. I see me going places very soon it’s just a matter of time, for my time to shine.”

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