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Christine Hewitt Saga continues

Bwoy it come een like sey di Christine Hewitt saga nuh have nuh ending. Dem now teck in David Gordon Bredda fi questioning and a imply sey him have someting fi do wid di murder to. Bwoy after three years dem just dig up all a dis. A wonder a wha kina evidence dem couda have suh. Mi nah lie yuh, mi know David and mi nuh convince sey him coulda do dat deh crime, a wonda if a one scapegoat dem a look.

A why Ricky Trooper dead
A wha dat wi a hear sy di reason why dem shot and kill 'Rick Trooper' is because him wouldn't go under Ninjaman One Umbrella movement. Bwoy a just one ting mi haffi sey, tings look sticky fi him.