Assassin- Pree This


Pree Dis - AssassinIntro

Jamaica a wi island

Jamrock, what kind a rock?... Trust mi is a diamond

Mi nah run lef an go no where

Mi nah try off a Philippines, mi nah try off a Thailand

No, because Jamaica a mi island

Fi lef ya come in like mi tek sea ova dry land...


Well Pree this

How so much fish deh yah like seh a sea this?

And pree this, dem gooda hear that an want say me dis

Well pree this, see a Bible yah, gwaan go read this

And tell mi whey yuh see say yuh fi a man yuh P?

Eh eh, no sah, Jamaica mi can’t believe this

A find headless pickney, a couldn’t we this

No murder nah commit a St. Kitts and Nevis

But we a gwaan like seh we a Islamic extremist

Low mi nuh officer after a nuh speed this

How yuh a gwaan so and is a draw a weed this

Alright then nuh say nutten, hold this is a G this

Yuh face still mek up?... alright a three this

Di country a mash up, how wi ago treat this?

If we unite mi know we can defeat this

Because a full time we bring back the sweetness

Until Jamaica give wi diabetes


Because the economy poor and the crime rate high but a Jamaica still a we yard

Mi nuh know bout you but mi sure bout me, dem ting deh nuffi gwaan ina mi yard

What mi say? Things not great but wi must hold the faith

Although times so hard, mi say

Wi affi try set it, we nah run lef it

Jamaica still a wi yard

Verse 2

Well hear this

Come mek wi pretend seh is a election year this

And everybody try find a better way fi steer this

Cause if we continue so, tourists goin fear this and nobody nah go want come near this

Well hear this

Jamaica we can’t move so we a live too careless

Nuff prayer a send up mek di Almighty spear this

Well Ja-Mek-Ya him a test wi, wi can’t fail this

Him goodly take it back, so do nuh mek him send a bailiff

Mi kick back pon di beach and mi a sip a Baileys

And mi a remember how much hurricane and how much near miss

But wi crime rate mek wi feel like wi deh pon death row

Is like is an electric chair this