Are the current crop of dancers hurting instead of helping dancehall


Sample6.jpgHonestly, mi really amazed at how tings change, memba one time man and woman woulda get dem groove on di dancefloor, now if you notice di trend change real bad. A pure man a scramble fi di videolight if it mean sey dem all a haffi get di woman dem outa di way.

Fi real back inna di going to dances it was like a whole activity by itself, you woulda si hustlers, di jerk man, di peanut vendor, soup man you get di drift, the hottie hottie girl dem whey dress nuh puss boot and of course do beggar dem whey waan yuh “let off a ting”.

But it come een like some a di dancers dem teck ova all a di role dem whey dese people used to play. From deejays, to MC, host, promoters, hustlers, beggers, sellers you name it…and di wuss ting whey wi observe is dat di number one begger in dancehall a di make dancer dem.

In a homophobic country like Jamaica, me know people always go club fi see go-go dancers, so wid dem man yah a dance like dem a woman, it would be safe to say dat most of these dancers are male go-go(s).
Dem dancers yah a get out a hand, dem a fight wid each other fi video light, a war wid video man cause dem nah video dem and once di video go pon di woman dem, dem leave the venue.

As a promoter, me really a wonder if dem dancer yah no get thursty after all dem dancing. Is either dem pocket empty or them mean to themself. Me say di dancers rather by a (1) Magnum and (1) Redbull, share it wid bout 30 men or beg people a drink out a dem liquor and dats it fi di night.
Member dem come in a di dance dem free, nah buy not even a wata, so how dem expect dancehall fi survive?

Di dancers really a tek dancehall fi a circus, dem cum a di dance, sweat up demself, wah bounce people and step-up pon people shoes, not even say sorry and expect you fi smile.

Some a dem dance group need fi re-invent themself and come back wid a few females in the group. A couple-up time now.

Bwoy mi nuh waan spend di whole time bash dem still but a really hope we can get back di nice nice nice vibes whey wi did use to from di dancehall. A who did sing she “Mi waan back we wata pumpie, we cool and deadly, fi go dance wid we ladies…” Mi nuh haffi sey nutten more.