Is Jay’s and Bey’s marriage in trouble?


not beyonce and jay z wedding picture[3].jpgWell a lot of people were speculating on how long this Hollywood romance would last, would it survive the fickle world of entertainment or would the pressure of their demanding lives tell on them? That’s the big question regarding Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage.

Well according to gossip web site, it could very well be falling apart at the seams.

The site claims that rumours are already surfacing of trouble in Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage. The site reported a while back that they were already spending nights apart even when they were both in New York. Now there’s fresh rumour that they’re spending night apart even when they’re in the same club!

According to the site one of their readers ran into the couple at the 40/40 Club in New York and the newlyweds were apart for the entire night! The snitch further reported that Beyonce seemed angry the entire night and didn’t socialize with anyone.

Wow...we hope these are just rumours...and these two will find a way to patch up their differences.