What a thrashing!


splashpage.gifBwoy a better di PNP dem neva badda shame demself and call fi nuh re-election,
what a clean sweep by di JLP. Backside man,
mi nuh follow backa politicians but even mi
did know sey right now di JLP a siddung pretty.
Still a nutten if dem try cause if dem did get
through tings woulda look sticky.

Patrick aright
Yeah man, Shocking vibes CEO guh court and him a sort out him ting proper. Nuh warrant nuh deh pon him head again and according to one report whey mi read him a guh pay di court di balance a di back tax whey him owe inna five installments. Just gwaan duh yuh ting yah Patrick and wi really hope sey Shocking Vibes can come back pon top again.

Who have Bascom X gun
Unno memba di case whey dem sey dem find gun a Bascom X house a Portmore? Well mi just read teday inna Chat! sey it come een like sey di gun disappear offa di radar. A whey di rhatid dat. A ongle hope di gun can reappear in time fi di court case inna May. And whey wuss, di police from di station nah seh a word if a true or a lie. But wi nuh wi si cause di case muss call up. So if di gun disappear, dat nuh mean sey Bascom a go automatically get whey?