What’s poppin


Big up to Mavado.

mavado_julian_edit22.jpgMavado stays doing it big for Dancehall in 09 with a massive 6 page feature in the latest edition of Vibe magazine.
Vibe usually only devotes limited column inches to Dancehall acts in its "Boomshots" section, but gave Mavado 7 pages plus a tag on the front cover, further cementing his place in urban US culture.
Writer Rob Kenner flew to Jamaica with a Vibe photographer in January and spent several days with the Gully God. Di magazine in stores now…fi real check it out.

How come?

Bwoy we affi ask di question whey JPS ask inna dem advertisement…how come? A dat wi a wonda, how come di government nuh meck nuh move fi arrest or deal with di Cash Plus boss yet. Look much poor people money get tied up and mash up and him still have him documents and a walk round free like a bird. But look pon di Ponzi scheme boss Bernard Madoff how him a face prison time…yuh si US nuh ramp when it come to people money. Mi nuh sin uh difference between Ponzi and Pyramiid…a di same ting and a di same rip off…so unno do something and help out di people dem. Wuss like how di recession a get stiffer and stiffer.