Whats Popping


Serani new video pop dung bad
serain.jpgUnno check out Serani new video fi No Games? Backside, go pon youtube and when unno done read di comment dem unda di bottom. Nuff time mi woulda sey people too harsh and tings but wi nah tell nuh lie it pop dung bad. A di foulest video mi eva si fi a long time. Jah know star look much good video director you have a Jamaica why direct nuff crazy videos and to di big bucks whey mi hear run fid ah one deh…no sah. Dat waa wheel and come again.

LA Lewis drama

But a wha kina drama dat we hear guh dung inna di courthouse wid LA Lewis. Him really rate himself bwoy. Wi hear sey him look pon di judge and a ask him can siddung inna di lawyer bench cause a him gooda represent himself. Mi sey di courtroom spoil cause people did a dead wid laugh. Den pon top a dat him a sey him nuh tief Lady Marsha clothes cause him wear pure white. But a whey LA Lewis nuh go find sinting duh sah and stop gwaan like him a royalty.

Risto Benji surface

Mi rhatid, afta people nuh hear bout Risto Benji inna dis long long time him finally surface…inna jail. Yes bwoy police nuh arrest him fi robbery wid aggravation and have him inna lock up. But a wha him coulda a tink bout dough eeh fi gone rob people. Yuh mean to sey di music business dry up so bad fi him dat him affi tun to dat. No sah, him Rasta brethren dem woulda help him out dem nuh always sey dem clean hearted and ting…yardflex really waan kip pon top a deh one yah fi hear wha really did go dung. Well when di case start…wi affi follow it.