The music is bigger than us all

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By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-silhouette_2.jpgNo questions asked, music has evolved. Days gone by there were some songs that could not be played, songs that we now consider tame by today's standards. Now we are in this generation and the debate is raging surrounding the explicit song Ramping Shop. Upon listening to it I must say it was a very cleverly written song, at the same time I felt some measure of sadness. Here are two talent people who could describe the bedroom activity so creatively and they had to spoil it with the expletives and graphic lyrics.

Looking back I remember another song that beautiful described making love and till this day it remains a favourite of mine.

The song is A1 Lover done by Spragga Benz. A part of the lyrics goes "climb the twin peak to the chocolate top..." now we don’t need a lot of guesses to figure out he is talking about breast nipples. But the song is so tasteful there really is nothing to be offended about. Now I am no prude, but please there is a limit to what we can get away with in the name of music.

Whether it’s from calypso or dancehall, whatever it rears its ugly head from, my stance will be the same.

The music will always be bigger than we are. It has survived over the years and today, still remains a dominant force.

While we bicker, censor and quarrel it will again go through another evolving process and who knows just as today we wondered what the fuss was about, maybe tomorrow I will be termed a prude who can’t appreciate clever lyrics.

But until that day, I think someone should take a stand…even they end up being a small voice crying alone in the musical wilderness.