Lord deliver our kids


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-silhouette_2.jpgIt’s been awhile, but I am back on the scene. And yes, the rest did me good, but coming back into the same old situation is depressing. Instead of things getting better for our children it is getting worse. The only thing I can say is Lord deliver our kids…cause no one else can.

What is really happening to our children and why are we not doing a thing to stop it? I am tired of the many reports coming out in the media bout the abuse of those precious ones. For me, I think it is high time that government come up with stronger measures to deal with these people are taking out their lust and anger on their kids.

Look at the man who was so upset about his son leaving a foot of shoe at school that he set him afire? Now, what in the world could have possessed him to behave like that. If there was any justice in this world they would just set him afire too and let him feel how it hot...just cool it out in time for him not to die.

Then the business man who turned on his twelve year old daughter for sex, he should be castrated as he obviously doesn’t have any use for that organ of his. After all the prostitutes and other women he could have he had to turn to his young daughter, how sick than that can you get.

Who will save the kids, who will fight for them, society must now take a stance and be very vigilant, start looking out for your neighbours children and don’t be afraid to stand up. It might not make you popular, but if you can save a child from being abused another day in his or her life then that’s good.