Question: What do you think about the slackness in dancehall music and the music being banned?


Super Cat

Answer: The first destruction in the modern age of reggae name STING. Sting has the music like boxing ring. Imagine big artistes like Maxi Priest and Bunny Wailer come and get bottled. It seem to be a pattern, then the clash is at the forefront. Clashes should be for new artistes, who need to express their talent, established artistes should not be in that category. There is always a stigma in the music, from the underground to the forefront. Are they going to ban the sex channels? Why should anyone stop a man from expressing how him feel about sex and how a woman make him feel.

Gramps Morgan

Answer: Slackness is slackness and it affects every one differently. We all do slackness but some chose to take it out of their bedroom, everything has its place.

Donovan Germaine

Answer: I think it is necessary, any well thinking family wouldn't mind.

Marcia Griffiths

Answer: I am not one for the slackness. I will always be one to quote the Bible if we are called upon as singers and musicians because we are the only ones who can transcend God's teaching onto our nation. Therefore, why should we continue to feed this nation, especially this generation with any thing negative. Maybe we as singers and musicians don't realize that we were called upon by God.

Mr. Perfect

Answer: I think it was a great move. We need to have morals in our society and we need to control what our kids see and hear. We can't control everything but we have to start somewhere. I know they will find things out through magazines, games etc., but at least we are trying to limit their exposure.

We need to take dancehall back to how it was. I remember when Little Lenny came out with "Gun inna Baggie," he had to do a clean version for the airwaves called "Healthy Body," If persons wanted to hear "Gun inna Baggie", they would have go to sessions. I really think this decision will not affect dancehall, I think it will only make the sessions more attended by patrons who are not able to hear their favorite songs on the radio. What they need to realize is that dancehall will never die, it will only find ways of reinventing itself, through the artistes who will continue to write good music, fashion etc.

Lady G

Answer: Nothing is wrong with slackness, there is just a time and place for everything. I think the ban should have been done a long time ago, but it's the radio stations that need to be cleaned up.

Dr. Dre:

Answer: According to the Broadcasting Commission all daggering and song that have to be censored from all genre should not be played on the airwaves. So why am I still hearing soca, R&B and Hip Hop songs that are of sexual content being played? Why are they only targeting dancehall. I do believe there is a time and place for everything. There are certain songs that definitely don't need to be played on the radio. However, daggering songs still are going to be made.

As for our children, they are still going to hear the songs on CDs and they are going to still learn how to dagger.

All radio station across the world censor their music, irrespective of the genre, so why does the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica believe that songs that require censoring should be banned? They need to check themselves.

Tony 'Mentally ILL' Matterhorn

Answer: A me say "sex as me reach, practice weh me preach." Inna me song "Dutty Wine" me say, "f*ck inna di water, f*ck inna di sea" and da song deh reach # 1 all over the world. The Broadcasting Commission can only ban daggering songs in Jamaica, but them caah stop it internationally. A Europe me just a come from and a the daggering songs them a mash up over deh. A no we tell the disc jock say them no fi play the daggering songs after dark, so a dem unnuh fi talk to.

How come the Broadcasting Commission wah ban songs with sex inna it. Them fi member say sex is reproduction, but how them no wah ban gun song wey a talk bout killing. The Broadcasting Commissioner must be incompetent and can't f*ck him wife, then if so be the case it need fi get a man f*ck har fi him and leave daggering music alone.

Twin of Twins

Answer: Well its good, because is not everything fit for the airwaves. We think they are hypercritical by not going across the board and banning other genre of music.


Answer: I think its one of the worst decision made in music worldwide. The Broadcasting Commission is not only banning daggering songs, they are banning all songs that have to be censored. That mean all my good tunes, with a few cuss words are no longer able to be played on the airwaves. Why are they banning daggering songs, when uptown people have kiddie carnival?.

Once the government can't control something, they try to get of rid of it. They don't like to see poor people strive. Our music is accepted worldwide, is this same music put our country on the map. Look how long Bob Marley dead gone and him get artiste of the century? Is because of his music.

Mikey Spice

Answer: They should have been on it along time ago and finally they have arrived. If that is all lies within vocabulary, then we don't need to read.