Soldier have next charge

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ja-S.jpgSi whey mi sey, the soldier invole inna di club shooting at the Diamond Gaming Lounge pon Heroes Day have one next charge a face. Yes, sah it allege seh him did kick off wid smady else a one nex club a Manchester and shooting did gwaan deh suh tuh. Him sey a self defence dat deh time tuh. So meck wi si how everyting unfold nuh.

Schooler unno behave
But a wha did a gwaan inna di place sah. A not even time fi Champs yet and di pickney dem a flip up like dem nuh have nuh sense. Police haffi deh pon di alert and bere tings. Adults look like dem haffi guh set better example, cause a pure craziness a gwaan inna di island.

Businessman cold
But deh businessman cold eeh. Di one whey dem arrest fi a fool roun him three gal pickney dem. Den yuh mean to seh you have so much woman deh bout di place, dose him can buy and dose him can guh look and di ongle option him si was di sweet likkle sinting dem. No sah dis yah world yah well waan sort out.