What do artist think about payola in the business?


payola.gifQuestion: What do you think about the payola in the business?

Super Cat

Answer: Payola is illegal, it's embezzling the funds in the business. Hundreds of thousands of artistes don't have it to pay for payola. Why don't they just buy some regular commercial air time, it is cheaper than payola. Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh never paid payola. These disc jockeys are trying to break the artiste. Once the strength of the people is behind the music. i.e. disc jockeys playing the music in dancehall, in the clubs and the street venues it's not about what the artiste can afford but what they (the people) want. Artistes and their management don't want to feel like they are being "sticked up."

Gramps Morgan

Answer: Well it happens every where around the world it's been going on since the 60's in the music business, PERIOD. However, in Jamaica it makes it hard for an upcoming talent that is more than qualified to have a music career and doesn't have the money, so that artiste doesn't get the chance to be heard, so it sucks in that way.

Donovan Germaine

Answer: It's a taboo subject

Marcia Griffiths

Answer: I have never supported Payola in the business, because the way I see it, if you have a God given talent to do a work, we should all work together. We are one family. There should be someone to take it from there to another level. Also, if someone is employed to do a job, why should we pay them again to do the same job. It reaches a stage where artistes are paying more than they are receiving from their music.

Mr. Prefect

Answer: I Think payola is doing more harm than good to the business. Sometimes it helps to a certain level, but when the politics of it 'kicks in' it's not good. You might have a new artiste who may not the have the right connections, payola can help him to a level, but when you have an artiste a pay the disc jockeys to not play your songs that's when the politics of it is harming the business.

Also some promoters are using payola to get themselves much further in the business. I remember back then when a young artiste would be given a small fee to perform on a big stage show, nowadays the artiste have to be paying the promoters instead. Some of them don't even have a 'chune' that anybody know.

Lady G

Answer: I don't agree with it because an individual might have a good song but because they don't have the cash, their music might get bypassed.

Dr. Dre

Answer: I hate it, it's disgusting, it is the reason why our music it at this distraught stage. The artistes and their people have to do all the work, engineers spend their time building the rhythms, record the artiste and still turn around paying the disc jocks to play the song. In the end they play whatever they feel to play. We need some strong measure set in place to eradicate payola. I know its everywhere, but its forefront in Jamaica.

Tony 'Mentally Ill' Matterhorn

Answer: Me nah pay no bwoy fi play my songs. Me never pay a disc jock fi play my songs. Me a the # 1 selector so why me should a pay a bwoy fi play my songs.

Twin of Twins

Answer: We think its a pernicious act that is leading to the detriment of our dancehall and reggae music.


Answer: I personally don't like it. At the end of the day, you have an artiste who believe say him have a hot tunes, so him pay a few disc jocks to rinse it out. Its definitely stupidity. Disc jockies who are collecting money don't love the business, they are just in it to hustle. A lot of them do this because they are bad minded and red eye. People like them make the business look stagnant.

Mikey Spice

Answer: Where I am concerned, I don't believe in it. Them nah get my money so them no affi play my songs. Good music is good music and will always play.