What’s poppin


0-junior reid.jpgIt a real family affair whey Junior Reid and him two bwoy dem concern. Yeah man wi get fi understand sey him open one club pon Eastwood Park Road inna Kingston. Wi hear sey it really nice. Junior di Yardflex crew a come check it out and kick back in a di VIP lounge area zeen

Merciless nuh get nuh mercy

A what dat wi hear bout Merciless and anodda DJ whe him go teck on inna lyrics and chuck off face and tings? Well sah, dem nuh have enough fi deal wid di Broadcast Commission a a crack down pon violent lyrics and tings.

A close look at Ramping Shop

Mi really neva check out di lyrics a Ramping Shop all dat good enuh. But di odda day wi a pree it and di part whey Spice sing nuh suh right a tall, she sey “dig out mi tripe, cause a dat wey mi like” or something like dat. Now come meck wi reason, wi know sey tripe nuh locate whey di vagina deh, you woulda haffi enter from back way fi find dat. So whey she really a sey, she like anal sex? No sah…mi nuh waan nuh man go nuh whey near fi mi tripe at all meck it tan deh…come from di front…no accidents roun here!