A Jamaican executed in the US


The_Cross.jpgDespite efforts to reverse a decision by the Virginia Governor in the United States, convicted Jamaican, Edward Bell, 44, was executed by lethal injection shortly last night.

The Washington Post quotes spokesman for the Virginia Department of Corrections Larry Traylor, as saying that Bell was strapped to a gurney, administered a sequence of three drugs and pronounced dead at the Greensville Correctional Center at 9:11 p.m.

Traylor reportedly said he died from the first administration of the lethal chemicals.

Bell had been held on Virginia's death row ever since his conviction in 2001 of murder in the 1999 shooting death of Winchester police Sergeant Ricky Timbrook.

US media reports say Bell did not enter the death chamber under his own power and appeared to be struggling with corrections officials.

In his dying declaration Bell reportedly told members of the Timbrook family that they had the wrong person and that the truth would come out one day.

He further state that there was no justice in killing him.

Members of Timbrook's family and his former colleagues from the Winchester Police Department were among those present for the execution.

Corrections officials say Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine rejected Bell's final plea for clemency yesterday afternoon.

In a statement, Kaine said Bell's trial, verdict, and sentence were reviewed by state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court of Virginia, United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

He said having carefully reviewed the petition for clemency and judicial opinions, he found no compelling reason to set aside the sentence that was recommended by the jury, and imposed and affirmed by the courts.