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Spice engaged but not ready to get married

12132.JPGDeejay Spice recently got engaged when long time boyfriend and baby father, Nicholas Lall, proposed during his birthday party on February 7.

Spice who is ecstatic says that they have not set a date yet as she is too busy to get married right now. Even though they are happy and in love marriage is not something that she wants to jump into without careful consideration - they haven't even bought a house yet. She says that she wants to be financially comfortable before taking the plunge.

Fans will unfortunately not see Spice sporting an engagement ring as she will only do so among friends and family as she says that a marriage is not a public thing, it should be private and she is not sure whether she will have a big wedding or a private one.


Sean Paul to hit New York

Fans who remember him during his struggling years, when he used to perform in clubs in Queens, sometimes for free, are delighted to learn that Sean Paul will be returning to his old stomping grounds.
Sean Paul who has not performed in New York since gaining international success will be performing at Club Maracas, Richmond Hill on Saturday, February 21, along with Kevin Lyttle and dancehall deejay Assassin.

Sean Paul's new album "The Next Thing" from Atlantic Records will be released this spring.