Mavado New Song Bad!


A So You Move - Mavado

Have you heard Mavado's new song lately...entitled a So You Move? It hit out at the government's stance on dancehall music. Irie FM is 'rinsing' it out and right now it's getting a lot of buzz on the streets and people are just talking. Man the singjay went all out on this one and the lyrics are really powerful. Trust me this dancehall, Broadcast Commission debate won't be going away anytime soon.

Still I have to give my side of the debate in all of this. If you ask me, they are all hypocrites, how dem fi come down on dancehall music and not touching soca and carnival. A don't tink it is right that kids should be wining up and carrying on bad on the streets in skimpy outfits. Not to mention the adults who behave like real old bangarangs. You listen to the lyrics of di Calypso song what Broadcast Commission say bout dat. On pon top of that on Easter Sunday a cyaan turn on mi TV in peace just through di whole heap a naked people a dagger in the no more a those tings come Easter...a hope suh.

Red Stripe wheel and come again big time
Red Stripe launched Diageo Learning For Life - Project Artiste on Wednesday at the Heart School of Cosmetology. It's a big move to be taking raw talent - 40 participants to be exact and working with them. Training them and guiding them to deal with the whole business of music. In my books they have totally redeemed themselves.