Passa Passa-Keiva got a reality check...


f_KEIVATHEDIVm_13a9fdd.jpgWhat a way Ms. Keiva she tink she bad, bout she come a YardFlex office a try bright herself with 1 of our staff member. She got the shock of her life when she was forced to take back her statement when the CEO stepped to her. Keiva need fi go sidung and try get the clothes dem inna har store sell.

Me sey Keiva well barge inna we office and a talk bout we put up bad tings bout har pon the website and we ago live fi see har. Also how she wish did rich like Puffy, so she coulda sue we.

What Keiva you need fi understand say is that in this business any publicity is good publicity.
Keiva just gwaan stay ova your side of the plaza, try sell some clothes and tun on back your light.


Bruce Golding clean-up fi Spain's Crown

Anybody drive on Mandela Highway recently? Unnuh see how the road spik and span, not even a bag juice bag in sight. Only ting me see Tuesday night was laborers hard at work. Every stump and every tree trunk on the road side white washed. But me ago be honest, him anno the first Prime Minister to behave this way and I know him won't be the last.

People we need fi talk up about all these things and let our voices to be heard. Sometime me affi wonder if a same way dem only clean dem house when dem ago have guest.

The Jamaican Government need fi do better, them need fi beautify we country everyday.