Tychicus glad 'daggering' is banned


daggering.JPGTychicus says that he is glad to see that the Broadcasting Commission has followed his lead and has banned all songs using the word 'daggering'.

Tychicus who was an enthusiastic crusader proclaiming the evils of daggering is very happy with the move.
He says that now that daggering is gone, carnival too must go. He says that if the downtown romping shop is gone then the uptown romping shop must go also. He says that carnival songs which suggest daggering but use different words should also be banned.

Tychicus says that he wants to introduce Jamaicans to good clean dances which involves face-to-face dance move not backways, as God is always moving forward not backwards.

He has three dance moves that he wants to promote:
"Customer Care" where the partners face each other and take care of their partners.
"Front liner" which is another face-to-face dance, the opposite of "back it up".
"Ten speed blender" this is where the dancer rotates his body like a blender.

He claims to have learnt how to dance clean dances from the Almighty and not from any dance school. He hopes that the older members of the population who are resistant to change will appreciate and accept his dance moves.