Continental Flight 3407 crashed in Buffalo


plane-crash-.jpgContinental Flight 3407 from Newark, N.J. crashed in Buffalo at about 10:20pm Thursday night killing 50 people.
The commercial commuter flight which was coming in for landing crashed into a house in suburban Buffalo, about five miles from Buffalo Niagara International Airport killing all 49 persons on board and one in the house. Two others in the house escaped injuries.
Witnesses claim to have heard the familiar sounds of the place flying overhead but it was unusually loud and making sputtering and odd noises.
No mayday call was reported from the pilot who was unaware of any problems with the aircraft. Communications with air traffic control was normal but when the controller tried to contact the plane with landing instructions they received no response. Repeated attempts were to no avail. Eventually ground control in Clarence was contacted. After the crash, two pilots were heard on air traffic control messages saying that they were picking up ice on their wings.
The plane which was carrying 5,000 lbs of fuel exploded on impact. One house was destroyed and twelve evacuated.