Mad Cobra ft. Richie Stephens - Legacy



  • Leonardo

    I luv dis song. What a pitty, only few ppl here in Brazil knew dis song!!

    Can anybody give me this lyric??

    Bless up!!

  • devine

    Leave cobra and his dancing style..what more could he have done... thats part of the bogle dance around 1992...Sharon Rambo is the girl in this video she was killing it back in the days when she was still living in Jamaica and appearing in alot of videos... she also killed the bounty killa maniac video she was so hottttt

  • Lee

    A boom chune dis man

  • tyron

    dis is how dancehall suppose 2 be all dis nonsense we hearin dis days is totally wack

  • Innocent

    Now this is what I call shelf life. Tune so old but yet still very good. Maybe V. Kartel can learn something about shelf life.

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