Fitz Laing (Tom Laing)

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tom_laing.jpgFitz Laing (Tom Laing), 51, married with eight children says that he started singing from birth and credits Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cook, Alton Ellis, John Holt and his mother as his inspiration.
He acknowledges that his love of Reggae music began while growing up in Trench Town, Kingston. His early days in the music business began in Brooklyn's Front Room recording studio.
He writes and produces his own songs and hopes to always provide good music that is accepted universally.
He has released songs such as: " It's not over", "Feel Da Vibes" and "Prayer" all on the m-16 rhythm.
He enjoys poetry and thinks that the music of yesteryear had more meaning and was more universal. He enjoys time in the park with his family.