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No "I'm So Special" for BET 106 & Park.
Movado32225.JPGAfter all the hype surrounding Mavado's "I'm So Special" video, it did not premier on BET 106 & Park, however it was launched via the internet.

According to his management, intervention from someone in the legal department prevented the video from airing. The person had censorship issues with the video, as it relates to "excessive display of alcohol," and "careless use of women as writhing set dressings."

People can now watch the video online.


Doctor testifies at Peter King's trial

A Medical doctor testifies that on the night of King's murder, he saw the defendant Sheldon Pusey, at the home of Mr. King.

He said King introduced the accused to him as Sheldon. The doctor said he spoke to Pusey for a brief time and even asked Pusey how his fingernails were so shiny. He said up to the time when he left the premises at minutes to 8 p.m., Pusey was using a computer in the room where they were.

When cross-examined by defense lawyer Berrie Bryan, the doctor, who said he knew King for 25 years, said that he was aware that King had homosexual leanings and that he was living a homosexual lifestyle.

The doctor is the second witness to testify that he saw Pusey at King's home the night he was killed.


Gospel Singer found dead

According to our source, 'Moses' got into an altercation with his cousin last night, when he pulled a handgun and shot his cousin. The Police are reporting that Grant was not a license firearm holder, therefore the crime was committed with an illegal firearm.

Gospel Singer Kasim 'Moses' Grant was found dead near the hope river this morning. It is feared that he may have committed suicide.


LA Lewis arrested

Dancehall personnel LA Lewis has been arrested and charge with housebreaking, larceny and assault occasioning bodily harm.

According to police reports, LA Lewis was arrested in relation to a December 2008 issue with a female artiste.