Whats Poppin


Tarrus and his new Empress
Tarrus.jpgIt seems like Tarrus and Etana are no longer an item as his new tune "Cold Kisses" seem to be written for Etana...."Cant believe that your love is fading, can't believe you pushing me away". However he was spotted at Rebel Salute with a new empress from the Bahamas on his arm, I guess she is keeping him warm. And guess what the new empress is definitely ROYAL...what a substance.


No Africa Unite for 2009

According to a release sent to our local paper, Africa Unite will not be held this year as a result of 'conflicting schedules'.


Is Yendi, Asafa new hostess????

We would really like to know if there is any truth to the Yendi and Asafa story.


No license for Chi Ching Ching

A weh YardFlex hear a gwaan wid dancer Chi Ching, reports are that he was arrested over the weekend for driving with a 'learners' and no license driver on board. He received bail as he was spotted at Uptown Mondays last night.


Dancers a fight over video light

Me caah believe say the male dancers dem a fight ova video light. Boasy Tuesdays almost came to an abrupt end, when dancers started pulling and pushing to get a piece of the spotlight. The promoter haffi tell Fire Links fi stop play the dancing tunes and play daggering tunes because a couple up time. U nah go believe what happen then, all the famous male dancers dem lef the dance...have me wondering why.


Mavado Fined.

Popular entertainer David 'Mavado' Brooks was fined $3000 for using expletives during his performance at Sting.