Kip Rich sums up his view on Monster Empire in new track ”Coward”


“Coward” is the latest release from Kip Rich who tore up the STING stage by putting some serious dents in the Monster Empire’s flow.

It has been an ongoing battle of the words spilling over from 2008, between Monster Empire – known also as Ghost, Roundhead and General B and the verbally slamming Kip Rich.

Releases from Kip Rich like: “Dem Caan Cow Wi” was salting up Monster Empire’s wounds in preparation for the STING blasting. To the disappointment of many, Monster Empire did not rise to the challenge that the tens of thousands were expecting at STING. They did not come out to clash Kip Rich.

“Coward” is how Kip Rich is calling it now with the track that refers to the former Monster Shock as, “Three duppy ah Jamworld…:”

Taking the lyrical feud into the New Year, “Coward” can be heard on several music programmes