Daily Word - Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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World Peace

20090106.jpgOne with God, we are contributing to a new world of peace and security.

At the core of many disputes in a home, community, or the world, there is often at least one person who is not willing to accept a different idea, belief, tradition, or appearance.

Yet there is something happening that has greater power, a power for good. One by one, throughout the world, members of the Daily Word family are dedicated to being at peace in a world of diversity, a world of unique individuals created by God.

One with God and with one another, we are contributing to a new world of peace and serenity. In our homes, communities, and the world, we are peacemakers who are truly making progress. We are sowing seeds of peace through our prayers, conversations, and actions. There is a harvest of peace that is nourishing the world.

"And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace for those who make peace."--James 3:18