Sexy girl and guy shopping bags could boost condom sales


German condom manufacturer, Condomi, has given the term ‘scantily clad’ new meaning, as they’ve designed shopping bags that radiate an extremely laidback view on sexuality.

The bags have images of women and men dressed in little or no clothes from the waist down, but with their private parts discreetly and interestingly positioned at the handles of each bag. When shoppers carry these bags, it appears as if they are clutching the ‘naughty body bits’.

Seeming as if they were created as mood prods, the line of shopping bags have the ability to get patrons of the Condomi condom stores in the mood to test out their ‘hot’ new purchases. Keeping the bag around the house for recycling purposes – as the new trash receptor or tote for various articles, could also serve as a gentle reminder to re-visit Condomi and its steamy, sexy products.

Reactions to the artwork on these shopping bags have been varied, with many just loving the designs and describing them as quite hilarious. Some people have however expressed the idea that these bags may put shoppers in some parts of the world in trouble with the law.