Another ‘fun spot’ shooting

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SMDB Film Reel_medium.jpegAnother shooting of a victim out to have fun; this time in South Philadelphia, is raising eyebrows at the level of anger that is triggering these actions or reactions.

A furious man pulled out his gun and wounded a man in a movie theatre because he was being disturbed by his father and son chatter.

According to reports in the Inquirer Daily News, police say a man identified as James Joseph Cialella Jr., is being charged for allegedly pulling out a 380 caliber gun and shooting the victim in the arm. His formal charges are for attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons violations.

Calling it truly frightening, police said that after arriving at the Riverview Theatre at around 9:30PM, the victim informed them of a man who sat close to him who told him to be quiet, before throwing popcorn at his son .

It is alleged that Cialella got up to confront the family after words were exchanged, and as he also got up, to protect his family, the victim was shot once.

Also petrified were the theatre goers, there to see “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button “, who reportedly scattered for safety.

At the end of all the ruckus, Cialella sat down to continue watching the movie and was arrested a short time after when police arrived and took his weapon.