Yes We Cannabis?


cannibis1.jpgWith quite a few American ‘drug war’ veterans whispering unsupportive stuff about ‘the high life’ in President elect Barack Obama’s ears, advocates for either legalizing, decriminalizing or legislating medical marijuana use, are super anxious about what is to come.

Well at least one writer believes decriminalization will come, but not until Obama’s second term and he states in the Esquire Newsletter, that the marijuana controversy closely resembles prohibition issues of days gone by.

Drawing reference to Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) and his big move that saved the United States banking system back in the day, the journalist said FDR’s legalization of beer, soon after being elected could be likened to the reaction from placing a stick of dynamite inside a log jam. Stubborn blockages became cleared.

Clearing the way for less pile up of non-violent prisoners, as well as the path to boundless economic fortification; a move that would mimic stepping in the shoes of FDR within the 2008 context, could prove beneficial, but it is not as if Obama hasn’t considered and ultimately shelved the idea on easing up pot laws.

In fact he told Rolling Stone Magazine this summer that he believed in making a shift to a public health approach on the issue, “I would start with nonviolent first-time drug offenders. The notion that we are imposing felonies on them or sending them to prison, where they are getting advanced degrees in criminality, instead of thinking about ways like drug courts that can get them back on track in their lives - - it’s expensive, its counterproductive and it doesn’t make sense.”

Will boosting the economy by freeing up marijuana add up to dollars and ‘sense’ to Obama? Many are waiting to find out, following research reports from Harvard University that conclude, the legalization of marijuana would generate between US$10 and $14 billion in savings and taxes for that government each year. For this research paper entitled, “Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition,” Dr Jeffrey Miron of Harvard revealed that 300 top economists endorsed these conclusions.

Still, Camp Obama has remained steadfast in its response to the legalization of marijuana issue. They continue to say plainly, “President elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana.” Moving this mountain will prove even more labor intensive for advocates, since at least two of Obama’s top people are drug war supporters, even though in 2004 the President elect himself said, the war on drugs had been an “utter failure” and that America should consider decriminalizing pot.

Definitely a point needing serious attention, as US jails have historically been and continue to be burdened and forced to cause an unnecessary stream of suffering as a result of marijuana related crimes for possession, that approximately 85,000 Americans are serving jail time for at this moment, according to reports.