Christmas Eve Massacre Executed by Santa


mangaclaus.jpgWhile experiencing heightened inner rage, a recent divorcee plotted and executed vicious murders at a Christmas Eve party being held at the home of his former in-laws in California.

The rejected ex, who had no history of violence or law breaking, reportedly went to the home of his ex-wife’s parents dressed up as Santa Clause and proceeded to kill at least 8 party goers, by gunshot and by a blaze that he started, before leaving and ending his own life.

Married for just about a year, the man identified by police as Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, reportedly knocked on the door to his in-laws home on Wednesday night at around 11:30pm and proceeded to shoot the 8 year-old girl who opened the door to let in Santa. She was shot in the face.

The 45 year-old, who was said to be livid about a divorce settlement handed down to him just last week, went on a shooting rampage, firing randomly at the close to 25 people present. His actions sent the guests scattering in what was described as a stampede-like state of panic as they attempted to escape from the house, located on a cul de sac in the quiet Covina neighborhood east of Los Angeles.

Police said, first there were gunshots, then Pardo began spraying the place with a strange homemade device that contained flammable liquid. The mayhem soon turned to a blazing and bloody confusion and investigators are still trying to figure out who died and how.

Still not sure if Pardo’s ex-wife or her parents were actually fatally injured, investigators returned to the scene today to sift through the ashes some more. On Thursday, after the fire was extinguished, two charred bodies were found in the living room area of the home and later on Christmas day, another five bodies were located. None of the dead or missing have yet been identified and only post mortems will determine whether the victims succumbed to gunshot wounds or the fire.

Witnesses told police that after the shooting, Pardo hastily took off the Santa gear, got into his car and drove off. He was later found dead from a single shot to his head at his brother’s house, about 25 miles away, police revealed in a press conference.