Sizzla receives hearty welcome in The Gambia


sizzlakalan.jpgSizzla Kalonji arrived in The Gambia on Sunday December 20 and was given a welcome fit for a hero as The Gambian President, Ministers of his Cabinet and many of the country’s citizens gave him a warm and hearty welcome.

Treated like a head of state himself, the reggae star was invited to the Juramba Farm of His Excellency, Alhaji Ya Yah Jammeh along with his entire entourage where Sizzla spent the day getting down and dirty as he experienced harvesting rice on a multi-acre rice field, exchanging agricultural expertise and discussing issues ranging from repatriation to reparation and education.

Committed to the philosophies and teachings of Rastafari, Sizzla’s interest in networking with key individuals, able to facilitate the Rastafarian goals, like getting the Diaspora to Gambia, became heightened on this visit.

He met with the Minister of Health, the Honorable Dr. Mbowe who facilitated a tour of the Royal Victoria Hospital where Sizzla gave support and showed love to those ailing there. Another official meeting took place with the Major General of The Gambian Army and Sizzla was presented with an award for his work. More important linkages were created when the Honorable Fatim Badjie, Minister of Information and Communication invited the reggae star to be chief guest at her wedding alongside the Vice President of The Gambia, Her Excellency Isatou Njie Saidy.

In the five days that Sizzla had to visit The Gambia, before his concerts, that are scheduled to start tonight, he was able to fulfill his aim of making solid connections as he began to carve a future in line with his Rastafarian reality.

Committing also to become a musical ambassador for The Gambia, Sizzla will serve as a bridge between the Gambia and the Diaspora. One of his main goals is to help the music industry there by building a studio for the youth. He has expressed the desire to become an honorary citizen and plans on helping with the schools, with building hospitals and assisting in other areas of The Gambia’s development.

Everywhere he went, Sizzla was greeted by hundreds of The Gambian community members, who flocked to get a glimpse of him and to touch his hands.

This will be Sizzla’s first performance in Africa and the shows will be held at the Independence Stadium on December 25th and 29th and at Brikama Mini Stadium on December 27th.

Members of Sizzla’s entourage include Firehouse Band, Jesse Jendah, Princess Menen, Bretts Promotion staff, Rebel T Music staff and Kalonji Records staff.