Catholic Priest faces angry parents after doubting Father Christmas


nofatherxmas copy.jpgEarlier this month a Catholic priest in a city in northern Italy came under fire from parents who were upset that he told their children there was no Father Christmas.

It was at a mass for children that the parish priest, Father Dino Bottino spoiled the fun for their kids, the moms and dads lamented.

The priest is from The Sacred Heart Church in Novora, and according to BBC news, a local paper ran complaints sent in by many of the offended parents. “You’ve ruined my children’s Christmas,” one mom is reported to have said.

Father Bottino was unapologetic nonetheless and stated it was his duty to tell the children the reality. He said, “I told the children that Father Christmas was an invention and he had nothing to do with the Christian Christmas story. And I would repeat it again if I had the chance.”

Not only did Father Bottino dash dreams of the Italian Father Christmas to the wind for the children, he also informed them of the non-existence of the kindly witch called Befana, who provides presents on January 6 to Italian children.

The good father had no idea the great amount of scorn that he would have to face, but he felt justified in differentiating fables like Cinderella – which is how he considers the story of Father Christmas - from the reality of Jesus.