pamputae.jpgIn this village some girls are very stupid! Hey Pamputae!!! That line is easily one of the most popular ones in the dancehall arena at this time and, it is because of one of the genres newest stars, Eveana Henry, known also as Pamputae.

Hailing from Fletchers Land, one of Jamaica's toughest ghetto communities, she has emerged with a familiar raunchy lyrical flow and content, manifested through her singles, "Good Gold," "Goody Good," and "No Lovy Dovie" - songs which have all connected well with the hardcore lovers of Dancehall music.

The rising sensation has become such a hot commodity in the customarily rough 'n' tumble industry that her name is even linked to rumors of a rivalry with longstanding icon, Buju Banton. In recent times, Buju has been heard using Pamputae's second hot slang, "They are all up in the Kool Aid and dem nuh know di flavour!" The slang highlights the inability of some women to display the sensual prowess to be a consistent talking point amongst males.

What Pamputae has done is to take courage from the occasion that an international icon like Buju Banton finds her slang effective enough to use it. "Although Buju has never given me recognition as being the originator of the slang, I have taken encouragement from the fact that he of all persons is using it," Pamputae reasoned.

The manner that she has dealt with this controversy seems to be synonymous with her character. The 23-year-old dropped out of school after getting pregnant; however, she said she never lost sight of her dreams and aspirations. The song "Goody Good" she said, is testimony of how she remained focused and maintained her self-esteem. "I voiced that song because every woman is good. Some men do not appreciate us women, but regardless of our faults, without us humans would become extinct."

She added, "I lost my mother at age 10 and my big sister age 11, but instead of having 10 babies I only made the mistake once, and have been taking good care of the one child. Things could have been worst with me, but I kept focused."

She loves watching African movies in her spare-time, and that's where her current slang derives, "In this village some girls are very stupid! Hey Pamputae!!!

She confesses her love for music and says she will only continue working towards becoming the best musical ambassador she can.