Missa Gungu Wah Fi Know!


gungu.jpgMissa Gugun wah hear weh unuh haffi seh bout Sting weh a come up! Who unh feel a guh tek it dis' year???
Something a bother mi from wah day ya enuh!!! wah night about after 3 mi step outta a one club and walk gun inna a restaurant and si 4 young gay youth, mi couldn't believe! Dem nuh past 20! Crowd a people wah mek we have suh much young gays in Jamaica?
Unuh know seh wah day ya mi neva feel as if mi did a guh full joy mi Christmas? caz a all a the raping and bag a killin' weh did a gwaan! Yes people mi neva fell so please about it and mi all did plan fi fly out fi 6months and come back but it seems as if the likkle cold breeze weh start blow clam dem down. MMi hope seh dem nuh pick up back dem dutty habbit wen di holiday season done.
Crowd a people give thanks fi unuh time and comments. Untill then, see unuh next week.