It was McGregor night at Club 300 for “Stars of the Month”

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mcgregors.jpgLast Friday night was ‘big nice time’ at Lucea’s Club 300 where the McGregors shook up the small stage like a ‘quake’.

Freddie McGregor gave the truly delighted crowd a stunning performance as he weaved through hit after hit, with fans chanting along word for word.

It was The Star’s ‘Jungle Fever’ Part Two, when chosen ‘Stars of the Month’ get a special ‘spotlight’ with meet and greets that involve autograph signings, coupled with selective performances.

Club 300 was one of these special features where patrons got up close and personal with the McGregor clan, who did not disappoint. Freddie’s, “And So I’ll Wait For You” had the crowd serenading and after songs like: “Stop Loving You,” “Push Come To Shove,” “Rain Start Falling Down,” and “I Was Born A Winner,” some ladies had virtually lost their voices from screaming, while the men chanted and flashed lighters.

Anthony Cruz hosted the evening and also on hand to entertain and sign autographs were Chino and Shema. Cruz was full of life and did a great job as emcee. He also had the crowd rocking to songs like: “Half Way Tree,” Block The Road” and “Mama.”

Chino elicited high energy from the audience as he gave them, “Burn Them,” “Girl Dem Straight” and “Protected.” Other entertainers appearing on the bill included: Tellah, Skeptic, Cassandra, and fashion designer Minka.

The McGregors topped off a perfect evening by hanging out with fans while the selectors kept the groove going into the wee hours.