YardFlex Hot Tracks

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Tunes blazing up the dancehall these days
Hot tracks.jpgFirst we start off with “Shot a Buss” by Black Ryno on ‘The Beast’ riddim that was produced by TJ Records. In this track he sounds as if he’s helping “the teacher" to try sink Movado’s Ship; since in the intro he bravely says "a Ryno any weh yuh deh mi a guh find yuh, if a fi bleach and time yuh, God caan save yuh a cud a him deh beside yuh, mi have some dollor coin fi fling inside yuh" could he be thinking like the Teacher - Vybz Karel?

Movado is also on the same riddim - song titled “Gangsta Nuh Play”. The highlight in this tune also stems from the intro, "TJ, how dem fi war mi a day when dem fraid a di sun." In the end he says, “I am so sick - not meaning mi sick fi public, I’m like an object and war a mi subject, true mi seh overcome dem think mi hang ova gun… imma buss dis till jehovah come.”

Next is Vybz Kartel also on the same riddim track with “Kill Dem”. This tune is directly pointing fingers at Movado.

Dancer Ding Dong come forward with another hit after “Killer Swing”. Ding’s new hit is the song entitled “Gallis”. Basically this a tune bigging up the gallis man dem.

Busy Signal is up next with “Trading Places”. The track is all about the inner city people living the life of the rich and famous. A hot line from the track is, "Picture Michael Lee-Chin hold off the gully side; him and the thugs dem a bleach dat means yuh caan go beside" This track is produced by Shane Brown, Busy Signal’s manager.

Laden continues the hard work with a next banging single on the ‘Beauty’ riddim. This is a well composed girls tune. The track is Hot!

Not hearing much from Aidonia but he still has his head above the water with "Eyes Dem a Bleed" on the Equinox label. A blazing weed tune fi all the herbalist dem.

Beenie Man with "Gimmie" on the Genius label is all over the clubs bangin through the speakers. The Doctor has always been treating his girls right and this track is surely proof for anyone who didnt believe that fact.