Daggering Condom ad will see Vybz Kartel and Spice steaming


daggering copy.jpgVybz Kartel and female dancehall DJ Spice, recently teamed up for the photo shoot of the new “Daggering” condom advertising campaign.

Done at a popular hangout spot in Upper St Andrew, the ad sees the dancehall bad girl and the war teacha getting very up close and really personal.

There were some almost semi-nude scenes that could have been the cause of an immediate upward shift in the temperature in the room.

Dates for the release of these ads and the campaign’s launch, are still sketchy at this time, but one thing is certain; the shots are sure to get the tongues of the populace wagging.

Some industry people are even speculating that the photo shoot was the cause of a recent altercation between the DJ and her boyfriend. However those assumptions have not been confirmed and are without merit.