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Movado endorses ‘Gully Side Wear’


Gully Side Wear.jpgThe new clothing line, ‘Gully Side Wear’ coming out of Cassava Piece is not one initiated only by Movado as formerly reported, but the top dancehall artist has given his stamp of approval and supports the initiative that according to The Star is a community effort.

‘Gully Side Wear’ is set to be launched in December at Movado’s birthday celebration; officially releasing the line that has benefited the community of Cassava Piece by providing jobs for some. It will be the culmination of a great deal of strategic planning and hard work that started about a year ago. Designer Franklin Garnett and Movado’s sister, Joey Brooks have been at the helm in developing the entire entity, Movado told The Star.

Named after Movado’s hit “Gully Side” the line includes T-shirts, baby Ts, cotton shorts, caps and bags of various designs. ‘Gully Side’ is a registered trademark and tobacco rolling paper will be another production of that brand.

Franklin explained that he designed the items and Movado supports him. He said they both came up with the idea to roll out this production line with products that sell for J$1500 and up.

‘Gully Side Wear’ enterprises serves to get all fashion conscious folk fabulously clad and it will also highlight the talent and business acumen amongst members of the Cassava Piece community while promoting economic development there.

Prudently looking forward, Movado told The Star, "Dis will benefit the whole community by providing jobs fi de youth dem. De whole Jamaica is a gully side and wi a go tek it as far as we can tek it."


Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018