Stevie Face back with a hit but having a fit

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stevie face.jpgStevie Face's hit single, "Tell It Like It Is" has climbed to number 8 on the RETV Top Twenty Reggae Chart, number 18 on the HITZ FM amd New York Top Thirty Reggae Charts and number 10 on the South Florida Top Twenty Reggae Chart - to name a few. This is a clear indicator that the Lovers Rock artist has made a significant comeback. His hot new tune is on the Boot Camp Records label.

On October 22 Stevie got a letter from a law firm representing his former record label, Arrows Recording Company Ltd., stating he was in debt to that company to the tune of $314,019.50 and he was requested to pay this amount or face a lawsuit.

Claiming he owes nothing to that company, Stevie is baffled and wonders why this action was not taken before now. He said "I think this is a very malicious move by my former label, which is intended to stop my progress...why are they trying this when I am making a come back with my career. I will definitely fight this to the end and I am awaiting my day in court".

A few years back Stevie's career took off on a good note with his 2001 hit, "I'm In Love," produced by Arrows Recrods.

Unfortunately his run with that company was short lived, as Stevie suffered very serious injuries in a car accident that occurred while on tour in the US. Not only was he conpletely off the scene for 18 months following the accident, he also suffered the devastating loss of his producer, Phillip (Father Arrows) Linton.who was killed in 2004. His career came to a full stop as a result.

With music burning in his soul, he begn working on an album with number one producer Computer Paul in 2007. It is from this body of work that "Tell It Like It Is" has emerged, putting Stevie back in the spotlight.