Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother found shot dead


jennifer_hudson-edit.jpgAccording to BET news, Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were found shot and killed inside her mother's home in Chicago on Oct 24th in the afternoon.

A huge search is now on, accourding to CBS 2 Chicago, for a suspect named William Balfour who wears braids and may be driving a 1994 white Chevy bearing license plate number X584859. Balfour is being sought along with Hudon's 7 year old nephew, Julian King who was last seen wearing a tan jersey with a number 5 and tan slacks.

Police records identify Balfour as having listed Hudson's mother's house as his place of residence in the last year. He is also reportely on parole after serving time for attempted murder.

Confirmation on the death of 57 yar old Darnell Hudson came from a spokesperson of Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist Church - the family's house of worship.