Uptown Mondays is the spot to party like you just can't stop


By: Elizabeth Smith
Hoards of dancehall party people made their way to Uptown Mondays this week as many wrapped up National Heroes Day celebrations.

The holiday spirit boosted a feeling of bliss in the atmosphere as all was peace, love and mad fun at the Uptown Mondays hot spot located in Savannah Plaza on Constant Spring Road.

House sound - Witty Soul Tone was kicking thousands of volts into receptive and rocking patrons with hits on top of hits; all being churned out by selectors like: Pitiless from Jamrock and Super Black. The myriad of step out dance crews hyped everything up a little more. "I don't know where dah dread deh get dem deh move deh from…im look like im woulda do a wicked private dance yu know," a well heated party girl was heard exclaiming as she panned the scene for fashionably clad '6 pack' energetic eye candy.

Caught up in what has been globally recognized as the rapture of a Jamaican street dance, a Dutch journalist told Yardflex that he felt like staying here in Jamaica and not returning home. "This is the best party that I have been to…we don't rock like this in Amsterdam," he said.

His friend, also a freelancer on special assignment here wanted to get closer to the front of the crowd. Besides dancing herself, she found it fascinating to observe and be entertained by the usual bevy of agile and talented dancers.

As the night began to bubble and the 'grinding' got more 'gritty' the visitor seemed to shift into 'overheat' - and she began asking intently about when the daggering would start. She said friends had spoken highly of the erotic nature of that well known dance and she'd heard of it through popular tunes.

No sooner than she had expressed it her wish came true as her colleague was seen rushing through the crowd that had now thickened considerably, so that he could keep up with the video man who was getting some good shots of the 'goodas' and 'blingas' girls out to roll their waist lines in double time.

Always the spot to get the week's groove started, Uptown Mondays has been one of the internationally renowned nightly street-sessions that have attracted millions to Kingston's danchall scene. Some end earlier due to zone noise laws. Uptown Mondays keeps pumping until around 4:00am or later.

Each week Witty Soul Tone sound system features top selectors on rotation. Some of the hottest 'soundman' of the dancehall like: Tony Matterhorn, Foota Hype, Hotter Ball, Richie Feelings and Razza & Biggy have been featured at the slamming sessions at Uptown Mondays.

Produced by Father Witty and Troy the outdoor jam began eight years ago and it has been lauded by many as one of the most slamming where sightings of well known entertainers unwinding are frequent.

On Heroes Weekend artists like: Fantan Mojah, Mr. Easy, Bugle and Phantom were at the spot where patrons were partying as if they never wanted to stop.