Gramps' injury cancels intimate Morgan Heritage concerts in Europe


morgon.jpgA medical injury suffered last week by Gramps of Morgan Heritage has grounded the famed group from their highly anticipated club-tour dates of Europe. The group's world tour started earlier this year in support of the critically acclaimed album, "Missionn In Progress," and the six week European leg would have run from November to the middle of December.

It has been since 2005 that Morgan Heritage has not embarked on a European club-tour. The up close and personal productions are always most popular with fans, but while extremely disappointed, the group is adamant about ensuring Gramps' health is in top shape before resuming on the road. “Gramps needs time to heal before we hit the road for such an extended period,” a member of the group stated.

And according to a group member, everything is working out for some good, since they are actually now able to spend some much needed time with their families over the coming months due to the tour cancellation.

Looking ahead, Morgan Heritage is scheduled to kick off an African tour starting in Sierra Leone in the middle of December. Group members hope that Gramps will be well enough by then. Although on a 'break' from the promotional tour, the group will still have a few one-off shows throughout the Caribbean while Gramps heals. They will be heading off to islands like: Cayman, Nassau, The Bahamas and Dominica.

On Sunday they will appear in New Orleans for a benefit concert and are scheduled to perform at a hurricane relief concert in Turks and Caicos for the damage Gustav caused this year.

As far as Europe goes, Morgan Heritage followers can catch them on a festival tour there in May and June of 2009.


  • Colin Nash

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for you. if the are any tour dates coming to cincinnati OH please let me know.

  • lisa shaw

    hope you get better soon if you have any tours that will be in england or in gambia in the near future can you get back to me please thanks so much a speedy recovery to gramps

  • Revoydia Diop

    Hello,my family this message is specialy for friend i pray that GOD "light of healing" come upon you ! rest and not be weary accept and embrace the light of his healing power and let the mediation of your mind be acceptable in his sight so that your voice can continue to lead and feed our soul"s and mind's of the people ROCK US...I Thank GOD For Your Great Recovery, much love to you and the family.

  • Greetingz Family! Just want to send some get well greetingz out to Brother Gramps! INI pray you get well soon! I know You may not remember me but just Remember Tempo Launch in Nevis and the Ras Who interviewed you and Who you chilled with that Night! Just continue to spread the conscious message of Ras Tafari World wide! To the four corners of the earth!!!

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