Lightning Bolt charging the skies like electric volts


By: Wade Cameron - an avid fan
bolt200 copy.jpgHow they came with pouring rain

Deterring your focus, but your drive, they couldn't change

Your determination and will, they couldn't detain

How you charged the skies with your loud thunderous claps

Leaving everyone else, in their tracks

Underestimating you they did

A powerful dot, they couldn't see your will

Like a moment in time, you allowed history to remain still

Showcasing your talents and all your skills

With your loud thunderous roll, you put the rest of the world on hold

Showing your vigorous force

Increasing your terror, to warn others you're coming

The wind blew with tremendous fury like the whistling hurricane

Trying to change your course

But like the human torch

You burned with desire

Knowing you'll be standing

Look who's crossed the finish line...

Patiently waiting