Removal from US Stop List gives Mavado new lease on music life


Gully Gawd.jpgAfter being charged with possesion of a firearm and shooting with intent in March this year, Mavado had his travel documents seized and he spent several months on the US stop list. In August the situation was overturned and the 'Gully God' was once again able to travel freely to the US, as the charges were not only dropped but all other obstacles were removed and Mavado's US visa was renewed.

On October 25 he will be giving his many fans what they have been longing for with a full performance in the 'Return of The Gully God' show scheduled to take place at Club Amazura in Queens, New York. At this first up close and personal show since resolving the travel issue, Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, will feature some of his 'so special' friends like: Foota Hype, Boom Boom, DJ Oneson, Massive B and Troopa Chaloopa.

The summer festival, Irie Jamboree was one of Mavado's first appearances following the removal of his name from the US stop list and crowds went wild, wanting more of Mavado who has become a hot commodity in especially New York. According to his manager, Julian Jones-Griffiths, songs like: "So Special" and the Jay Z remix of "On The Rock," have turned the dancehall star into a hot commodity in New York, as the songs have been on heavy rotation at stations like HOT 97. The Irie Jamboree festival afforded Mavado the opportunity to perform only briefly, as he was just one part of a long line-up of reggae stars.

Jones-Griffiths said the decision to launch 'The Gully God' show came about because fans were demanding more of Mavado and deserved more as well. 'The Gully God' show will give Mavado a chance to run through his huge catalogue of songs.

There are many appearances on Mavado's upcoming tour schedule and he is also quite busy on the creative end as well. He did recordings in early September on a Kanye West produced song with Jay Z for Jay Z's last Def Jam album called "Blueprint." Jones-Griffith said 50 Cent also sent a beat on which he wants Mavado to record a song. And Mavado's upcoming album, "Mr. Brooks: A Better Tomorrow," will be released by the end of the year.

  • gullyqueen

    Big up mavado; u a do big things me proud of u n keep on striving! No mek nobodyb hold u back from doin wha u doin! U a mek massive tune after tune after tune! Me neva see nobody inna dancehall do dat!Mavado keep settin trends!! FUCK DEM BLOODCAAT HATERS! Dem nuh luv u!but me Luv u!bless

  • Mavado! You have the airwaves vibrating now. Do remember that you not only rep every ghetto. However, every ghetto yute same speed. so lead by example. Stay focused & Never Lose site of the bigger Picture!!!! Bless UP!

  • dangerbash

    first thing first big up the gully god on all of his success, and collaberations with all the top hiphop artist, but as Rasj2154 say he needs work on his stage performance for real, i was @ irie jamborie and everybody know it was sizzla who took the show, mavado performance was not impressive as it could of been.

  • tony

    bwoy da man de we mek da las coment about irie jambarie. im really nuh like mavado cause i was at the show and mavado a mash up the di place.when di man dem see how him a mash up de place, dem start a little fake fight fi mash up de people dem show, an a mavado hole di crowd until everyting calm mi nuh know a which show that him did deh. the man did not even get to proform half a him song dem before dem say the time a run out

  • Bless Up Vado Everything Proper Now! Gwaan Live Up! Yardflex Keep Posting The Right Thing Dem Connect!

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